Companies with a purpose

The pandemic has shown that only those businesses that help society move forward more quickly will grow and become viable in the long term: businesses that have a purpose beyond the products and services they offer.

Continuous improvement of reputation

BID Group One experts will help you towards continuous improvement of your reputation. It will serve you to attract responsible investment and to be part of the highest level: the one that generates prosperity for businesses, and for the community.

Long-term profitability

A higher purpose is a guarantee of support. At BID Group we will help you transform good intentions into real facts: to bring more value to your customers, your staff and your community. In his letter of 2020, Larry Fink, CEO of the investment firm BlackRock, says: “Today’s purpose is the engine of profitability in the long term”.


Now, more than ever, ethical, social and environmental considerations are of vital importance in financial decisions. ESG, acronym for Environmental, Social and Governance,  is the key. At BID Group One will help you with the ideal communication for these times: transparency, ethics, security, privacy, good treatment of people, equal opportunities and evolution of employees.

New markets

The present and future is for companies that are committed to innovation, individual integrity, and job creation. At BID Group One we will help you improve the competitiveness of your organization, while we improve the economic and social conditions of the communities where they operate. We will help you to have the courage to support each other, to partner, and to ask for help in learning. If you know something, you can live from what you know and your organization’s value chain will be more productive. We will help you open new markets, and to redesign products and services to meet the needs of each community.


Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Alibaba, Tesla, Twitter… In the era of rapid and abrupt innovation, the magic formula for success is relevant in the community. At BID we know that this is achieved by understanding society, and the consumer. It is time for sustainability: to excel in environmental protection, to show industrial processes with total transparency, using unique materials for the manufacture of products.

The most highly-respected CEOs in the world have set out to regain trust in companies, with a sustainable economy. 

TURN Award is an open door to a new capitalism in which there are social values and also collective interests of society. And this can be achieved without sacrificing benefits.

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