1 Madrid, New York, Paris, London, Frankfurt and Geneva. After 35 years of recognizing relevant companies in these six world capitals, this first global and sustainable convention comes to life. We need to use this difficult and disruptive time to sow sustainability and come out stronger, more competitive, wiser and more durable.

2 The award ceremony of the First Edition of the TURN Awards will be audiovisual and digital. From the BID Convention Hall in Madrid, Spain, we will learn about the group of companies that are transforming the world and present the award that recognizes them as the most admired companies for their creation of value and for its power to generate opportunities.

3 We will create a ranking with the awarded companies in which will appear the organizations that rely on modernity, responsibility, efficiency and, of course, on profitability and sustainability.


1 The concept of “family” has gained strength during this pandemic. What is close, the “known”, people, friends, localities, your own … traditional? From BID we will promote with you a Family Business Movement, with a new style of leadership, a social leadership. Because the market needs values which are solid, close and trusted by the entrepreneurs who are transforming the world. It is time for humanistic capitalism, to which most business schools have turned their backs.

2 TURN is a recognition of the CEOs who carry their cause to the end, of the CEOs who add their fire, desire and conviction to their business vision, of the CEOs who see what is possible in people, in projects, in causes and in companies. BID’s team of experts will help them communicate sensibly and from the heart: a crucial task, now that the world looks to CEOs for direction, peace of mind and inspiration.


1 The present and the future are for the most empathetic and humanized brands. Customers, investors, shareholders and employees prefer consistent brands, which bring value, especially in these times of uncertainty and fatality. And the opinion that the community has of each company is essential.

2 BID Group One’s team of experts will help you to enhance the elements that make your organization unique: that the community sees your company as fair, sustainable and ethical.

3 At BID, we have developed a reputation index and we are committed to the figure of the Chief Reputation Officer (CRO). Every CEO must have this figure at his or her side, directing corporate communication strategy by credibility, because today companies are perceived and evaluated by more than just their products and services. Are they being fair to consumers? Are they ethical? And sustainable?

4 CEOs need a new style of corporate communication. The essential figure is the Chief
Reputation Officer (CRO). At BID we train reputation strategists, that figure who intervenes in the taking decision making process, which advises the CEO on public, economic, social and environmental policy. Every company that wants to cultivate fame needs a Head of Reputation. The CRO generates value, profitability, image, identity, and above all, connection with the communities of interest to each company. Our Strategists Office will work for you on the one business value that cannot be plagiarized.

5 Trends: In these stormy times, also times of opportunity, managing reputation is critical. And reputation is built with a cause (that superior, emotional purpose that can win over any community), generating technological impact, caring for data privacy, attracting responsible investment and protecting the environment.


1 Customers will buy more of your products and services.
2 Customers will recommend your products and services.
3 Customers will say something positive about your company, publicly.
4 People will want to work for your company as a reference.
5 The world will want to invest in your company.

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