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Business Transformation

BID Group One Method


Madrid is a center of business tourism and specialized training for the business world.

BID Group One has over 30 years experience in specialized training in the area of quality, marketing, creativity and innovation. Our target audience to which this is directed are entrepreneurs, family business, and entrepreneurs with families who would also like to participate in courses following modern management techniques. This training has been created on the basis of international references and unquestionable success stories of those who followed the goals that have brought us to the result being pursued. Being disruptive and having the history of family experience make opportunities more accessible for those who want to ride the wave of global tendencies.

We tell participants about a method which can be applied worldwide and adapts to cultural difference and also analyzes the factors that determine success. Madrid is an emblem of cordiality, excellent cuisine, deep cultural heritage, and the most productive area of Spain and a leader in terms of services provided. We could say that Madrid is not Spain as a whole, but it unquestionably represents the importance of our country. For this reason, we propose Madrid as a factor for guaranteed success, unrivaled in Europe, and a perfect location to learn, have fun, create links and new business.

New York:

An opportunity that we take every year is to invest in a week of high-powered professional experience in the city of New York, where we meet up with top-sector leaders that are at the cutting edge of marketing, innovation and design. To learn in New York is our calling card to open up to meetings among people who are highly interested in business and at the same time connected with many parts of the world. This makes New York a strategic hub where the BID Group One method opens many opportunities, to be applied in the markets in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East and their areas of influence.

Just seeing the architecture and the hustle and bustle of the streets of New York pumps up the adrenaline in the enterprising visitors who envision booming success, and where personal branding climbs up to exponential levels, where only professional stars qualify for this league.


BID Group One, following its experience of filming footage in Paris, gains relevance every year showing its thousands of clients what endorsement means in terms of the powerful attraction of the city of Paris. We could say that Paris won this merit for being the number one city most visited in the world. History left a legacy to the citizens of France as a “museum city”, with all types of attractions, testimony to the influence of the renowned geniuses who existed throughout history in Paris, creating the geography of the city, from North to South and East to West.

Paris is still the capital of the French-speaking world, influencing those regions belonging to Outre Mer, and with a strong presence in the African continent. Tourism places France at the top of the list in number of visits in the world, over 95 million persons per year, closely followed by Spain with 85 million persons. Paris is thus an ideal place to start any global marketing campaign.


History and its after-effects are very important to bring together charisma such as that of London. Thus. it is one of the cities preferred by BID Group One in its method to present all kinds of business events that influence the markets, both in product development and in investments. The influence of London on other markets and other nations is its leadership. The background of London’s leadership in marketing, music and innovation make this city an epicentre of attraction for finding what is different, to make the masses fall in love, and for those anxious to find new trends that transmit innovation in the great movements of fashion, art and culture.

That is why the BID Group One method has been put into action for many years in London and why all the visual content that we generate has helped to convey the importance of participants in our courses, our events and our networking.


Having the support and identifying with this Geneva as the ideal of Peace is one of the endorsements that the BID Group One method has used to attract business leaders from some of the wealthiest places in the world to receive recognition in a city that is an emblem of economic success and security.

Being a beacon of safety and security is one of the most attractive features of Geneva, both in technology and in tourism and high quality services. This has made this city the destination for illustrious guests such as the founder of Ikea, Ingvar Kamprad, the King of Saudi Arabia and renowned personalities from the world of sports, politics, culture, music and film. Marketing. quality and people are the three basic elements for a successful business transformation and to make this transformation public, there is nothing better than Geneva, one of the leading cities in the recognition of success. Quality in Training is a living example for the followers of BID Group One who seek to invest, buy the best ideas and attract the best talents in the world.


For those of us who have the mission of empowering the best, we cannot leave the city of Frankfurt out, because it represents technology better than any other. For this reason, every year the BID Group One method makes an international call for companies and business leaders from more than 150 countries to come together in this city. We could say that, if we consider adrenaline to be a mark of identity for business sprinters in New York, Frankfurt’s adrenaline is the mark of the leadership of solid companies where investment is a sure factor for success. The second place occupied by Germany in the world for many years makes it very powerful in decision-making, and in choosing technology partners to implement their products and services in new influential areas of the world.
Furthermore it has an array of trade fairs, which bring together the most successful global innovations.

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