Focus on the customer

The customer is always at the center. And pay attention to changes.
Meet real needs and provide lasting value.
If you think about what the clients need and give it to them, you will approach success.

Think carefully, think long-term and you will grow in wealth.
Search for long-term value, versus short-term results.

Invention and simplicity
Ideas are everywhere, waiting for those who know how to see them.
The path of creativity and innovation should coincide with simplicity.
Among all solutions, the simplest is the best.

Learn from the best

Look at small details.

Keep your eyes and ears always open.

Management is not a title: it is teaching forging ahead.

Alway raise the bar

More quality, be demanding of yourself…

For a leader nothing is out of reach.

Think big

Failure begins with a lack of ambition.

Be the best, think big and dream of more.

Speed is important

Speed is an important element in business.


Limitations encourage ingenuity, invention, and self-reliance.

Depth and objectivity

Stay connected to details, always.
Stay objective, especially when it’s difficult.
Check how you think, so that your mental routines are reliable and objective.
Be the first to check the accuracy of your impressions.

The secret: adaptation

To be successful you have to change (almost) all of the time.
Never settle on your merits.
See how to adapt to situations that change and advance.

Observe and listen

Observing and listening will take you far in the business world.

Love what you do:

It is better than doing what you love.


Choose aggressive goals and make an effort to meet them. Without determination this is impossible.

Team spirit

A job is often too big for one person to do.
Success is not achieved alone.


Setbacks help to improve.
Every circumstance is an opportunity to learn.

Let’s build a future together

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