Bid Group Method: Guideline for success

The BID Group Method is a creation of BID Group One, that provides organizations with multiple benefits for its daily operations, as well as key areas for its future, focused on quality, marketing, sales, innovation, networking development and the implementation of Best Practices. Developed uninterruptedly for more than 33 years, and with a presence in more than 100 countries, this method represents a combination of ideas and technologies that generate successful investment initiatives and profitable business models. One of the main elements of the BID Group Method is the commitment to the train human talents, from diversity, transdisciplinarity and the exchange of ideas, cultures, and opportunities.

This commitment is the hallmark of our loyalty to upholding the agreement reached between BID Group One and the Technical University of Madrid – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – entitled Aula Universidad Empresa – Partnership Between University and Industry – which aims to exchange knowledge between the Academy sector and the business sectors.

That is why BID Group One has always combined, together with its training activities, the power of travel as a tool to open minds and enrich them with cutting-edge ideas.

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